HR Interim Management & Consultancy,
What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility. A solution for the short-term filling of missing gaps in the management structure.
  • Rapid Speed of Hiring. Can frequently be in-post almost immediately which is particularly important where delay can be damaging.  
  • No Long Learning Curve. Broad international and multi-industry experience can allow the ground to be hit running. Pausing only to clarify objectives and time-frame.
  • Good Value for Money. Needed only for critical periods, there are no hidden costs, no contract of employment to be expensively terminated and no corporate pension provision required.
  • Focused & Results Driven. Fully focused on the task in-hand and not on career positioning, corporate politics and business conferences.
  • Transitional Bridge. Where the old organisation is taken to a new level.  
  • Objectivity. No past cultural or emotional ties to the organisation can provide a fresh view and an outsider can bring some detachment when unpleasant tasks are required.

Recruitment & Restructuring, important to get right.

  • Focus on Restructuring, Intensive Rebuilding a company’s organisational structure often involves an intensive recruitment or reassignment effort. 
  • As Manager or Recruitment Advisor for Existing HR Management, dedicated short-term  recruitment search can be  provided or recruitment can form an element of an overall Interim HR Management package.

Training, Leadership & Sales, a workforce upgrade.

  • An Alternative to Recruitment. Missing skills in an organisation can in many cases be developed internally. We have extensive experience of in-house training-program design and delivery.
  • As Manager or Training Advisor for Existing HR Management. Training can be provided or training can form an element of an overall Interim HR Management package.